Pomegranate Lemondrops

7 Dec
Pomegranate fruit, opened.

Add vodka and lemon...then enjoy!

I am a seasonal drinker—meaning I like to use seasonal fruits and ingredients in my cocktails whenever possible. This time of year, the local pomegranates are glorious, and I’ve rarely met a lemon drop I didn’t like.

My own personal recipe:

(Warning: I am not much of a measurer, so feel free to adjust to taste…)

In your cocktail shaker:

  • Muddle seeds of ½ fresh pomegranate.
  • Add two shots of vodka.
  • Add another shot of lemoncello.
  • Squeeze in the juice of at least one lemon.
  • Add a few tablespoons of simple syrup (one part sugar dissolved in four parts water).
  • For fizzy bubbles, add a splash of club soda.
  • Fill rest of shaker with ice and give a good shake, shake, shake (this is part of my calorie neutralization plan).
  • Pour. The seed pulp will pretty much stay in the shaker.


Photo source Image via Wikipedia

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2 Responses to “Pomegranate Lemondrops”

  1. archiegrrl December 7, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    Mmmmm — this cocktail sounds amazing!

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