Busy Days

5 Dec
Laundry Lady - Vintage Photo

Somehow I feel like I can relate

It has been a crazy week. Work was just nutso, and I didn’t even get time for a lunch break. When I wasn’t working, I got completely sucked into life’s other obligations, leaving little time for me.

I’m starting to feel like a selfish person.

Or like I need to become a selfish person.

I’m not yet sure which.

By the time I got home late last night from a journey down the mountain to civilization, it was all I could do to light a fire and put away the groceries before collapsing on the couch to enjoy an entire disk of Friday Night Lights—the new series I’ve been hooked on.

I believe I was remiss in reporting my progress on the Countdown to Christmas Challenge. After five weeks, I am proud to report that I lost half a pound.

Thank god.

This was also the first full week of the new Weight Watchers point system. I wasn’t able to log on and track my points each day, but I did manage to keep track of what I ate in my Moleskin wellness journal. (I have been trying to get more use out of that thing given I have been hauling it around in my purse all these months…and, honey, it ain’t light as a feather either…).

I wasn’t a saint eater this week. My biggest hit came at a potluck Thursday night…where I just couldn’t resist the peanut dip and the chocolate cake. Whoops. When it was all said and done, I’ll be a mere three points in the hole at the end of the week. I find this to be a small miracle, given I have barely managed to even exercise this week. I haven’t even taken a walk since Monday, and my only other exercise this week was a yoga class.

I’m curious to see if I actually have lost weight when I weigh in tomorrow morning, even though I have (so far) stayed within my Weight Watchers point allotment for the week.


Photo source Image by Just B Cuz via Flickr
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2 Responses to “Busy Days”

  1. scalewarfare December 6, 2010 at 6:27 am #

    I’m interested to see what the scale does also! Excited/nervous. I feel like I’m eating more, but I have been following the plan, so we shall see!

    Congrats on the loss :)

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