On the New Weight Watchers Point System

29 Nov

Oh yeah baby

For anyone who follows Weight Watchers, they launched a new point system today called Points Plus. I have been dabbling in Weight Watchers for several years and have dutifully been paying my monthly fee for Weight Watches Online (I live in the middle of nowhere and AM NOT driving an hour plus to go to a meeting…) since January or so this year despite the fact that I have only managed to lose a few pounds…All. Year. Long.

I think that makes me a loyal customer.

I also think it means I am crappy at losing weight.

Horribly miserably crappy.

I have philosophized on my Weight Watchers trauma before and was constantly torn on how to best allocate my measly 18 points per day—always trying to decide: do I eat food or do I skip food and have a margarita for dinner? There were never enough points for both.

The new Weight Watchers system seems similar enough to the old, but, for me, the big difference is that fruit is now zero points.

This is huge.


I eat a lot of fruit and would easily burn at least three to four points per day on fruit alone, which was brutal.

The other big difference in the new Weight Watchers point system is that I now get 29 points each day instead of a meager 18. Plus there are more flex points allocated each week to be used whenever.

Also huge.

My old food seems to be worth a bit more, but I feel like I still come out head…or at least today anyway. I actually have enough points remaining for a glass of wine.

And that never happened before.


I’m almost a little dubious Points Plus will work…it almost seems too easy. Or, on the upside, maybe it means I will be successful for once.


P.S. As luck would have it, the bottle of wine I randomly decided to open of course sucks. Not even worth the four lousy points.

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3 Responses to “On the New Weight Watchers Point System”

  1. scalewarfare November 30, 2010 at 8:39 am #

    The four points for wine sucks!!! Overall I am so excited for the new plan (which I started today after last nights meeting.) It’s got a lot of potential that is for sure!


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