Pattern Release: Quince Fingerless Gloves

13 Mar

I have a new fingerless glove pattern up on Ravelry, inspired by Spring blooms. I love quince blossoms! This is a great pattern and really knits up super duper quick with a thicker yarn. (As in, I need a gift for a friend tomorrow…)


20140313-112645.jpgI plan to take a short break from developing patterns to start a cardigan with some yarn I scored on sale more than a year ago. I can’t wait to choose a pattern. It is so hard to decide. I also want to focus on translating some of my patterns into Spanish.

Plus I have the spring gardening itch. Must. Plant. Lettuce. Now.


8 Mar

I could not put this book down.

20140308-200037.jpgHusband caught me reading it on the sofa at 3:00 a.m.

I laughed. I might have cried a tiny bit. I loved it.

I am a sucker for coming of age novels, and this was a good one.

It wasn’t until I had finished that I realized it was a young adult novel. Given I am always the adult hiding in the back row of the theatre for all the ice skating movies, I wasn’t surprised that I had seemingly enjoyed a novel written for pre-teens with such earnestness.

Read it.

Chicks in the Hood

1 Mar

Our neighbors moved their new chicken tractor into their orchard.

20140301-203200.jpgSo cute. Plus the orchard is blooming this week.

20140301-203309.jpgThe hens saw me at the fence and came running. They thought I was bringing them scratch.

20140301-203346.jpgBut really I was just there to admire their home.

20140301-203423.jpgI love chicken season. We have some new peeps (baby chicks) out in the garage. I need to snap some photos before they lose all their fuzzy cuteness.

Jogging Secrets

13 Dec
Alwen forestry track. Track running through th...

Ah, running in the wild...

I have discovered that the secret to running to is have your Husband (or a friend) drive you your designated distance from home and drop you off on the side of the road with an I-pod.




Because what choice do you have? You have to get home somehow, right?

The problem with an out-and-back run is that it is too easy to turn around sooner than you really should. This problem is solved with the get-dumped-on-the-side-of-the-road method. And–your run is simply more interesting.

No repeat scenery.

Yesterday I finally made the leap from a three-mile route to a four-mile route…and the transition went very well. I had a good time. It was a gorgeous afternoon as I trotted along the Trinity River, which was spectacular. I even made it up a BIG honking hill, hot on the heals of some poor unsuspecting cyclist who was also struggling to make it to the top. I think I did a pretty good job keeping the pressure on.

Give it a go. Let me know what you think!

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Running in the Rain

10 Dec
running in the rain

It's been a wet winter!

This is my 100th post.

Time has just been flying by since I started this blog in June. I am sure you can relate.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “How did I get here?” Not “How did I get here?But How did I get here?”


I’ve lost a whole whopping two pounds over the course of one hundred blog posts. That has to be a world record for something.

Anyway, I plan on compiling a top-ten list of some of my favorite older posts from the past six months soon. In the meantime, you’re stuck with this.

On another note, I went to the doctor’s office this morning to get a flu shot. When they weighed me, I thought of this old post. I hate getting weighed at the doctor’s office. Their scale always reads a higher number than mine.

I did, however, finally get off my punk booty and go running yesterday–in the rain. It was quite nice, actually. If I can manage to bust out my 2,000 words for the day on The Novel, I might actually have time to sneak in another jog before I head to the coast later this afternoon for the last of the holiday shopping and friend A’s art opening.

Image by otomatuah via Flickr

Weight Watchers is Making Me Fat

8 Dec
vintage portrait: woman with wide hair

I feel like this woman's hair looks

I actually tracked every single stupid little Weight Watchers point last week for their new Points Plus program…which in and of itself was a small miracle.

I went five points over…also a small miracle…especially considering I really didn’t exercise at all…very suspicious. I didn’t starve either.

But…I gained…1.5 pounds, which is my official weekly result for the Countdown to Christmas weigh-in.

Total nightmare.

I’m still depressed about it. On Monday, I was so blue that I ate an entire Green & Blacks chocolate toffee bar, and those babies aren’t low cal. I’m in a funk…feeling despair…had to fight off the urge to order a pizza last night.

Because I can’t even remember the last time I actually let myself eat real pizza.

It was a long time ago.

Meanwhile, I haven’t logged on to Weight Watchers since Sunday when I added up all my points…and I still haven’t exercised. The last couple of days were nuts at work and of course I slept poorly last night.

I have the next few days off to pull myself back together and give it another go.

Here’s to try, try, and try again. Or so I am telling myself.

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Pomegranate Lemondrops

7 Dec
Pomegranate fruit, opened.

Add vodka and lemon...then enjoy!

I am a seasonal drinker—meaning I like to use seasonal fruits and ingredients in my cocktails whenever possible. This time of year, the local pomegranates are glorious, and I’ve rarely met a lemon drop I didn’t like.

My own personal recipe:

(Warning: I am not much of a measurer, so feel free to adjust to taste…)

In your cocktail shaker:

  • Muddle seeds of ½ fresh pomegranate.
  • Add two shots of vodka.
  • Add another shot of lemoncello.
  • Squeeze in the juice of at least one lemon.
  • Add a few tablespoons of simple syrup (one part sugar dissolved in four parts water).
  • For fizzy bubbles, add a splash of club soda.
  • Fill rest of shaker with ice and give a good shake, shake, shake (this is part of my calorie neutralization plan).
  • Pour. The seed pulp will pretty much stay in the shaker.


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The Bet No One Won

6 Dec
Vector image of the Las Vegas sign.

Sniff sniff

December 1st has come and gone. That was the date Husband and I had bet on earlier in the summer when December felt like an eternity away. My challenge was to lose fifteen pounds. His was to lose thirty. The first one to lose the weight and keep it off until December 1st had to take the other on a weekend getaway.

I really wanted to win.

I really wanted to go to Vegas and bask by an oversized pool in the sun, reading and people watching…sipping overpriced cocktails.

We both lost.

We’re still wobbly and jiggly in all the same places.

No weekend getaways for us.

No Vegas.

I knew this was coming when I conceded a while back. The simple math told me in late October that there was no human way to lose fifteen pounds in a month. At least not a healthy way to do it.

Either way, the failure warrants mourning—if ever so briefly.

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Busy Days

5 Dec
Laundry Lady - Vintage Photo

Somehow I feel like I can relate

It has been a crazy week. Work was just nutso, and I didn’t even get time for a lunch break. When I wasn’t working, I got completely sucked into life’s other obligations, leaving little time for me.

I’m starting to feel like a selfish person.

Or like I need to become a selfish person.

I’m not yet sure which.

By the time I got home late last night from a journey down the mountain to civilization, it was all I could do to light a fire and put away the groceries before collapsing on the couch to enjoy an entire disk of Friday Night Lights—the new series I’ve been hooked on.

I believe I was remiss in reporting my progress on the Countdown to Christmas Challenge. After five weeks, I am proud to report that I lost half a pound.

Thank god.

This was also the first full week of the new Weight Watchers point system. I wasn’t able to log on and track my points each day, but I did manage to keep track of what I ate in my Moleskin wellness journal. (I have been trying to get more use out of that thing given I have been hauling it around in my purse all these months…and, honey, it ain’t light as a feather either…).

I wasn’t a saint eater this week. My biggest hit came at a potluck Thursday night…where I just couldn’t resist the peanut dip and the chocolate cake. Whoops. When it was all said and done, I’ll be a mere three points in the hole at the end of the week. I find this to be a small miracle, given I have barely managed to even exercise this week. I haven’t even taken a walk since Monday, and my only other exercise this week was a yoga class.

I’m curious to see if I actually have lost weight when I weigh in tomorrow morning, even though I have (so far) stayed within my Weight Watchers point allotment for the week.


Photo source Image by Just B Cuz via Flickr

On the New Weight Watchers Point System

29 Nov

Oh yeah baby

For anyone who follows Weight Watchers, they launched a new point system today called Points Plus. I have been dabbling in Weight Watchers for several years and have dutifully been paying my monthly fee for Weight Watches Online (I live in the middle of nowhere and AM NOT driving an hour plus to go to a meeting…) since January or so this year despite the fact that I have only managed to lose a few pounds…All. Year. Long.

I think that makes me a loyal customer.

I also think it means I am crappy at losing weight.

Horribly miserably crappy.

I have philosophized on my Weight Watchers trauma before and was constantly torn on how to best allocate my measly 18 points per day—always trying to decide: do I eat food or do I skip food and have a margarita for dinner? There were never enough points for both.

The new Weight Watchers system seems similar enough to the old, but, for me, the big difference is that fruit is now zero points.

This is huge.


I eat a lot of fruit and would easily burn at least three to four points per day on fruit alone, which was brutal.

The other big difference in the new Weight Watchers point system is that I now get 29 points each day instead of a meager 18. Plus there are more flex points allocated each week to be used whenever.

Also huge.

My old food seems to be worth a bit more, but I feel like I still come out head…or at least today anyway. I actually have enough points remaining for a glass of wine.

And that never happened before.


I’m almost a little dubious Points Plus will work…it almost seems too easy. Or, on the upside, maybe it means I will be successful for once.


P.S. As luck would have it, the bottle of wine I randomly decided to open of course sucks. Not even worth the four lousy points.

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